Kayrion Alshard

ART OF Krycelite

Hi! I'm Krycel, a self-taught art hobbyist from Southeast Asia who draws fanart and anthros.

Commission info

- open for lifco '22 -



Prices are in USD.

If this is not your first time commissioning me,
you can enjoy a 10% discount off final price!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!Additional Characters will constitute +50% of cost by default.'Simple' backgrounds refer to backgrounds that are not fully rendered.'Complex' backgrounds refer to backgrounds that require special attention to small individual details. However, I don't do backgrounds that are mecha or building-heavy.

busts - $18

Lined, shoulder-up icons, with shading.
Flat colour / basic backgrounds are free.

Add Basic Background - $2
(Blurred/ Simple effects)

Simple Halfbody - $23

Portrait-style pieces, with character as focus.Waist-up / Thigh-up, lined, with shading.
Flat colour backgrounds are free.
Extra charges may be applied for complex clothes and accessories.

Add Simple Background - $4

Halfbody scenes- $25

Landscape format.Waist-up / Thigh-up, lined, with shading.Extra charges may be applied for complex clothes and accessories.

Add Simple Background - $5
Add Complex Background - $12

Fullbody - $30

Lined with shading.
Flat colour / basic backgrounds are free.
Extra charges possible for complex clothing design.

Add Simple Background - $5
Add Complex Background - $15

*No differentiation in prices for lined fullbody portrait and landscape orientation.

lineless scenes

Rendered scenes with lines that are painted over.Natural backgrounds are preferred but not the only ones I paint!Price depends on complexity of scene, design, idea, and accessories.(This is due to variations in background style, idea, and size of character relative to the canvas)I will NOT do building-heavy backgrounds.
(E.g. Cityscapes will be blurred and drawn distant)

Halfbody - $35~$45

Fullbody - $45~$60

Bust sketches - $5

Sketchy lines with rough colouring. Minimal shading. Complex accessories may increase prices.

Terms of Service (ToS):


Commission inquiries by Email or Instagram / Twitter DMs. (Links below)

By commissioning me, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

- I accept payments only by Paypal.
- All payments in USD.
- All references must be SFW, even if it's an external link.
- I will send the sketch before you make payment.
- You may re-upload and use the piece(s) for any purpose, as long as credit is given.
- Prices may vary slightly according to complexity of designs.

- I reserve the right to turn down any commission for any reason.
- I may post the commission on my social media (Twitter, Instagram) unless specially requested not to (for a surprise gift, for privacy reasons, etc.)

- I might take between 2 and 8 weeks to finish a piece, due to tight schedules and other commitments.

- Requests for edits can be done at the sketch stage. Edits requested past the sketching phase are possible, only if omitted something essential. Do not hesitate to point such things out!
- No refunds after colouring process has begun.

- Any extra sketches I make along the way to learn your character’s designs will be sent.


Fan characters
Other OCs


NSFW (Includes any level of suggestiveness)
Heavy Gore
Designing Clothes/Accessories from scratch
(If you still want me to design something, there will be additional charge. Otherwise, I draw what I am given or exactly based off references)